Running Head: Sex.

Sometimes, while I’m waiting for the shower to heat up, I like to play American Apparel Ad in front of the mirror.

That is, I like to strike inanely un-concealing poses while casting lazily harassed glances at myself.



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4 responses to “Running Head: Sex.

  1. Robin

    I really feel like a Janet-authored, Sedaris-style essay collection – or some sort of modified, creative, post-post-modern form that allows for shorter pieces (and the occasional cheek-tongued sci-fi) – would be a best seller, or at a least critically acclaimed addition to American literature. We just need to find a connective thread other than “this is a blog.” Let me know if you need an editor.


  2. jj

    Thanks, Robin! That is, in fact, kind of what I’m going for. But Sedaris doesn’t always keep to much of a theme. Gosh. You don’t think “Semi-autobiographical, cheek-tongued reflections of a well-meaning denizen” is enough of a thread? (Kidding.)


    • Robin

      Plenty for an awesome blog 🙂 I was thinking that with a little more of a thread and some minor editing, we could get this sucker published. Like, on paper and stuff.


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