A Daytime GChat

Brian:  Right, but it has to come from within. Which I realize as I type it is a difficult thing to say without sounding totally cheesy.
A T-shirt that says “VALIDATE MY FEELINGS” just isn’t a good look for an adult, probably.
 me:  some things just have to sound cheesy.
do you use chrome?
 Brian:  I do!
I’m using it RIGHT NOW
 me:  so, if you right click on the bookmark bar, one option is “open all bookmarks,” or do it in a new window
inside, i just thought, “ALL of them!??”
and am genuinely not going to try it because i think my cheap computer/chrome itself would explode
but what an idea
 Brian:  Wait, how am I not seeing this??
 me:  bwa ha ha
i see my omnipotence is a solitary one

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