Magic, Science

1. I started thinking/saying aloud (like ya do, when you’re alone a lot), “I wish the cat could ta-…” but stopped myself from uttering it completely, just to avoid the possibility of my wish coming true, and with it the discovery that he’s boring/disgusted with me.

2. We all know you’re supposed to wait ten seconds because plugging the router back in after ‘rebooting it’ when the internet cuts out. But has anyone really tested this?

Is it like over-the-counter meds, where the recommended dose/maximum daily one is, like, a ninth of what’d kill you*? If you only unplugged it for four seconds… would it work?

Update: just had to try rebooting again; waited, like, 4 seconds. Didn’t work, and was absolutely too lazy (and just ready to move on) to experiment further, and so decided to immediately give up and re-adopt the 10-second doctrine.

In short, I guess I demonstrated why some people are reluctant to swap in religion for science. [In fairness, I had a darned lot of fun/free time as a lit student, and the science kids were always busy; lab work seems to take foreeeeeever.]

*don’t, um, ever quote me on  that. I did hear it, though

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