In My Facebook “Other” Folder

(sent to a bunch of random people, seemingly)
hello…primo informed me that web site i p a d 3 b o o . com is freely giving an ipad 3 device entirely free
January 26, 2013 8:58 am

this is shannon and i have no idea whatever u wrotebecause big muther fb determined it was abusive or marked as spam and when i commented to fb they banned me 4 2days &22hours and by the time i was done comenting they had banned me 4 5days &20hours.when i found they gave themselves permission to be my mother and father&priest and a uninvited peeping tom,i cancelled thier deviously got permission.thell probly rake me thru the coals for this now.but at 63 yrs.old i really dont think i need some young wippersnapper telling me im not old enuf to make my own thing id know theyd b telling me when 2 wipe my own butt.

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