A Good Day in MS Paint

If you do not, like me, very nearly solely use MS Paint for all your image-editing needs (and know how horrible it is at resizing images), you may not relate to the satisfaction inherent in this maneuver:


Chrome only lets me zoom in or out on images in certain increments, so I’ve long since enjoyed the trick of saving an image in the wrong size (as I find it or from a print screen-ed [PS] cut of the closest-to-right zoom, pasted in Paint) and then maximizing or minimizing the “view image” window as appropriate and then doing a PS paste back into the file after opening it (again) in Paint.

Just now, because Chrome’s smallest version of an image was too big, I PS’d an even bigger Chrome display of it, pasted that in Paint, used Paint’s (default: dramatic) zoom out function, PS’d that, and pasted back in non-zoomed view. And then used that.


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