Ella’s Great Advice About Bartending

One of the first dozen or so times she arrived to take over for the late shift after I’d opened for happy hour, Ella said that, when it comes to the happy wads of cash after busy nights and the slim piles at the end of dead ones, you gotta “take the good with the bad.” And remember to save, I suppose.

I had maybe eight really warm interactions, encounters, and so on with various women yesterday, most of whom were near-strangers; just simple, pleasant moments that arose as the trajectories of our individual daily let’s-get-on-with-its  intersected here and there and we offered whatever we could in mutual support: a train seat, a bit of shit-shooting during a long shift, help with strollers. As I finally got home in the evening, I was noting how much nicer my day was for them.

Today I had just a handful of mildly-abrasive-to-rather-rotten experiences or encounters with men; nothing too awful. And considering all the good stuff I got to do and see and hear yesterday, I don’t feel so quite so bad.

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