Three-to-Four Seconds’ Worth Between The Ears

*heading out of laundromat with underpants and other line-dry items wrapped in a dress tucked under my arm because I forgot my bag*

The physical pain that comes with smoking, too, that’s the connection, gotta add that to the draft when I get home.

Okay, so that’s two ideas to remember: briefly, “women” and “physical pain.” I’ll write those on my hand.

Ah, but I’m trying not to do that as much. I already wrote “women” once the other day.

Okay, I can remember this, I probably don’t need to go to the bodega anyway, I have the wet laundry. “Women,” “phys-…”

But then I’d be walking down the street going “women,” “physical pain,” “women,” “physical pain.”

Heh. I’m gonna put this in my blog. Why not?

Okay, that’s three things, I’m writing it down.

This pen is drying up.


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