Evidence I’m Cheap

I haven’t bought a mouse pad or tub stopper in years because cardboard/paper and a (washed) plastic yogurt cup/flat tupperware lid work just as well, respectively.


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2 responses to “Evidence I’m Cheap

  1. I am reading this after having spent most of my day miking a drum kit for recording with storage boxes, rolled carpets, and a piece of plywood wedged in between two PA speakers (for overhead microphones to dangle from) in lieu of microphone stands. It is cheap coupled with my not wanting to drive. ever. I like to look out of the side windows, not the front one. It is dangerous to drive the vehicle like that.
    I just discovered your writings and have become a fan. I am glad you are cheap, for you are not alone.


    • Janet

      Thanks so much for reading and for saying so, Nate; I agree that cheap resourcefulness is an excellent thing, and I was touched to her from another practitioner. And that drum setup sounds fantastic.


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