Some History: As A Youth, LBJ Was Awkward And Picked Grapes Professionally

Via Wikipedia:

“In school, Johnson was an awkward, talkative youth and was elected president of his 11th-grade class. He graduated from Johnson City High School (1924), having participated in public speaking, debate, and baseball.[12][13] At age 15, Johnson was the youngest member of his class and is believed to have been the youngest graduate of the school. In the months following his graduation, Johnson moved to California amid pressure by his parents to go to college. Johnson supported himself by picking grapes.[14][full citation needed] He enrolled in Southwest Texas State Teachers College (SWTSTC) in the summer of 1924, where students from unaccredited high schools could take the 12th-grade courses needed for admission to SWTSTC at San Marcos. Johnson later said that he was kicked out of the school.[15]

Seven-year-old Johnson with his trademark cowboy hat


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